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Reflektert tankevekker

Reflektert tankevekker

En verdifull og reflektert tankevekker fra en av våre gode kandidater. Tenk over hvordan du behandler andre mennesker, i denne sammenhengen jobbsøker som tar kontakt. Hva om han/hun blir din medarbeider i fremtiden? Hva om han/hun blir din leder eller den som skal rekruttere deg i fremtiden? Vi bor i et lite land, veier krysses.


Bond Davis:

Greetings network, 

I wanted to shed a little light on something in hopes it will motivate people to become better in their everyday lives. I have unfortunately been a job seeker for some time now. I have learned many things while battling through these trenches and the most valuable lesson is how to treat other people. Or rather, how not to treat other people. 

It blows my mind how so many companies have blown me off, dodged my phone calls, made promises only to “ghost” me, etc.. As a seasoned sales professional I can handle these rejections just fine, but, it has certainly been eye opening and will no doubt make me a better leader in the future. So, for this, I am thankful. 

My only question, I wonder how the customers of these businesses would react if they knew how their business partners, suppliers, etc. treated other people/non-customers? My theory is that people treat job seekers in this way because no one will ever find out how they treated them therefore they have no repercussions for their actions. 

My conclusion, it takes little effort to treat people with respect and you never know how someone can help you in the future. Think about it. With respect, Your future employee, leader or biggest competitor. You decide.


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